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Micro dc submersible pump DC50Q

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 BLDC Frequency submersible pump
  • With four modes:Steady flow rate Mode (8 Levels), Mixed Mode (8 Levels), Intermittent Mode (15 Levels), Feed Mode,The max power can reach 80W,max flow rate is 5000L/H, the output power could be adjusted to match different size of fishbowl.
  • With SIX-Pole Intelligent DC three-phase drive (without sensor),
  • Low voltage(DC24V) operation ,Safe, Long life expectancy and low noise.
  • With Ceramic shaft & carbon fiber shaft sleeve to make sure the motor’s long expectancy.
  • The input voltage if adapter is widely from AC100 to AC240V/60Hz) which can be suitable for many countries
  • Suitable for both fresh water and Salt water
Technical Data
Model DC50Q-3000L DC50Q-4000L DC50Q-5000L
Flow rate 3000L/H 4000L/H 5000L/H
Head 3M 4M 5M
Max Consumption 40W 60W 80W
Min Consumption 6W 10W 10W
Power supply DC 24V
Dimension 128*100*70
Outlet/Inlet                    1 inch screw thread
Head-flow curve graph

Instructions (How To Use)

1.Steady flow rate Mode (20 Levels)
The pump will work in this mode when powered can change the speed by the key of “|+” and “-”.When the indicator screen shows the number”01”,that means you have choose the lowest flow mode, When the indicator screen shows the number “20”,that means maximum flow rate mode
2.Feed Mode
Press the key “Feed” till the indicator screen shows the number “49”. When the number “49” comes out, that means you have chosen Feed Mode successfully. And then the wave maker will stop working for your feeding fishes.Meantime, the indicator screen starts the countdown when it shows the number“49”. The countdown is 10 minutes. When the screen shows the number “40”, that means the count down is over and the wave maker restarts its working
  • Dry run not allow In order to guarantee the product performance
  • Keep the controller and adapter away from water and water splash.
  • To avoid damage please don’t open the controller and adapter
Installation instruction
  • Install the filter cover on to the pump’s inlet,install the out let adapter onto the pump’s outlet
  • Take the protective paper off the double-sided adhesive,then paste one side of the double-sided adhesive to the middle of intelligent controller,past another side of the double-sided adhesive to the fishbowl,if you don’t want to install the intelligent controller to the fishbowl you can skip it
  • After connected the pump and controller 3-pin quick connectors,then contact the adapter with the controller(DC plug),and contact the adapter with AC wire(AC Plug)
  • Please clean the wave pump regularly to ensure their effective
  • If there have water in the surface of the controller, Please wipe with a dry cloth to Prevent water from entering the control box.
  • When cleaning up the sundries in the pump body,please remove the foot and  twist the lid off and then wipe the impeller with a soft cloth,Wash the pump with clean water
  • This product is used in indoor,Don’t let the controller and adapter fall into the water so as to cause unnecessary losses