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Micro magnetic pump DC50D

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DC50D Series

Product Appearance

          T sub-series(2phase)                 S sub-series(3phase)                A sub-series(3phase)
NO. Item Specs
1 Dimension and weight 103.5mmx107mmx64mm;480g
2 External diameter of outlet 20mm
3 External diameter of inlet 20mm
4 Driving mechanism Brushless, magnetic separation
5 Material of pump shell ABS,PES/SPS/PPS/PA66+30%GF (Optional)
6 Condition of use Can continuously work, submersible or land use (not self-priming)
7 Suitable medium Water, oil, or normal acid/ alkaline liquids
(Pre-test needed for special liquid)
8 Max working temperature 60℃(for T sub-series) or 100℃(for S/A sub-series)
9 Power consumption 2.5W~45.6W(for T sub-series) or 2.5W~86.4W(for S/A sub-series)
10 Rated voltage 12Vdc or 24Vdc
11 Working voltage range 5Vdc ~ 12Vdc or 5Vdc ~ 24Vdc
12 Max load current 2.1A (for T sub-series) or 3.8A(for S/A sub-series)
13 Max horizontal flow rate 36L/MIN(for T sub-series) or 41L/MIN(for S/A sub-series)
14 Max static lift 4M(for T sub-series) or 6.5M(for S/A sub-series)                                 
15 Noise class IP68(suitable for submersible installation)
16 Waterproof class Can be more than 30,000hrs
17 Life span Can be suitable solar panel, batteries, source adapter or other power module
18 Power supply Water protection, dry-run protection, stall protection, stuck protection
(functions are optional for customization)
19 Protection function Speed adjustable by PWM signal, 0~5V analog signal or potentiometer (functions are optional for customization)
20 Power regulation function IP68(suitable for submersible installation)
  • Small size, high efficiency, maintenance-free, low consumption, strong anti-jamming ability, stable performance
  • Brushless with no pollution, adopts high-performance ceramics shaft and high-precision carbon fiber sleeve together (stainless steel shaft optional for reducing cost)long life span
  • Stator and control circuits are completely sealed by epoxy resin completely separated with rotor, waterproof, avoided water-leakage problem which long exists in normal DC motor pump products
  • Protection functions can be customized such as lock protection, dry-run protection and so on.
  • Wide range of working voltage; parameters can be adjustable, e.g. 12VDC pump can have lift of 1m and lift of 3m with the same pump body.
  • For A/S sub-series,soft-start without impact,can be directly powered by solar panel; circuit parts and motor parts completely separated, no electronic components inside pump body; pump body is made of high-temperature-resistant material, so pump can continuously work at fluid with high temperature (as high as 100C); have several protection functions, such as impeller&rotor lock protection, polarity reverse-connected protection, over-load protection, over-current protection, etc.
  • For A sub-series, it's easy to regulate the power/speed of pump via PWM signal/ 0~5V analog signal/ potentiometer; flow rate & lift can be smoothly adjusted
  • Reduced the mortality to 0.05% after long-time study by R&D dep.
  • Lift of pumps can be doubled when they are connected in series
  • Suitable for submersible installation or land use (should be located below fluid level)
  • Offer ODM serve for pump and other controller system
Electrical parameters (only for reference,parameters can be customized for specific requirements)

Model No. Voltage Max load current Max static lift Max flow rate Power consumption
V(dc) A L/H w
DC50D-1220T 12 1.57 2.00 1300 18.8
DC50D-1230S 12 3.0 3.00 1700 36.0
DC50D-1240S 12 3.8 4.00 2150 45.6
DC50D-2430T 24 1.5 3.00 1700 36.0
DC50D-2440T 24 1.9 4.00 2150 45.6
DC50D-2450S 24 2.9 5.00 2300 69.6
DC50D-2465S 24 3.6 6.50 2450 86.4
  • Information including continuous working time, working temperature and medium is required to be pre-confirmed with professionals; pump cannot work with high temperature or corrosive fluids.
  • When pump is connected into circulation system, load current will be reduced to 70~85% of Max working current (opening outlet current).
  • The head means the Max vertical lifting height of water. The flow is 0L/MIN@max head.
  • The max flow rate means flow rate with no lifting height(according to the curve